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Radical feminists believe that pro-abortion messages should dominate our culture; this naturally includes entertainment such as movies. For example:

(She’s only talking about movies that would portray abortion in a positive light, of course.)

Amanda Marcotte is a radical feminist. Here are some unflattering photos of her:

Recently, Marcotte expressed her annoyance that a popular television show, “The Mindy Project,” does not have an abortion storyline.


One can just imagine Marcotte as a film critic…

amanda_marcotte-authorbioTitanic was an excellent film, but I think the lack of abortion in it was a glaring problem.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“Tarantino scores big with Pulp Fiction. My problem is that, despite all the violence, none occurred via abortion.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“The Star Trek movie franchise contains no abortion storylines, suggesting that abortions won’t occur in the future. Orwellian.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioIt’s a Wonderful Life is plain & simple Hollyweird nonsense. A wonderful life has lots of abortions, and I see none in this film.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“At least one of the students in The Breakfast Club would need to abort a fetus. At least one! It fits naturally into the storyline.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioAmélie: A film about a woman, with no abortion plot component. I had just assumed that my copy of the video was defective.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioGood Will Hunting would only be realistic if Minnie Driver’s reproductive choices drove the entire story.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioRosemary’s Baby? Seriously? She actually has to have the kid?”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“When I rented Basic Instinct, I thought the title was telling me it’s an abortion documentary. Very disappointed.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“In Juno, a young girl gets pregnant. Once I realized she was going to give it up for adoption, I lost interest.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“The main conflict in Kramer vs. Kramer wouldn’t even have occurred if Meryl Streep’s character hadn’t been punished with a baby.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“The late-term abortion in Sophie’s Choice was no big deal. How did they even make a movie about such a non-issue?”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioKnocked Up? Not for long.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioTombstone is a movie about cowboys, which is bad enough, but it is especially misogynistic because not one woman is empowered to abort during the film.”

amanda_marcotte-authorbioThree Men AND A BABY? I don’t think so! Zero stars on this one, and I haven’t even watched it.”

And, of course:

amanda_marcotte-authorbio“I just saw Obvious Child. There is clearly no film that could ever hope to compete with it. Literally orgasmic.”

Ebert and Marcotte

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